More than 15 million U.S. seniors struggle with loneliness and social isolation. That stress often triggers physical illnesses that have a $60 billion impact on healthcare for seniors. SecureSeniorConnections® was founded to give nearly 50 million older adults a chance to thrive emotionally and physically – and to help those in healthcare better serve them.

SecureSeniorConnections® is a digital platform, founded by a group of healthcare, insurance, and technology experts and infused with science-backed data. The end result? A community of members that are sponsored and validated by providers and drive by purpose, meaningful activities, and shared interests.

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Our growing company is dedicated to helping older people enjoy healthy, connected, and impactful lives. We are mindful about changing lives and need people who want to use their skills and passion to develop our platform and find partners who want to redefine the aging experience with us. If that sounds like you, send us your credentials and tell us how you can help us make a difference.