Our Mission

Enable seniors to find meaningful engagement and social connections that will prevent and reduce loneliness and social isolation and improve their health and well-being.

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How We Do It

We utilize a digital engagement platform infused with intelligence about loneliness and healthcare to connect seniors based on their passions and behaviors to improve feelings of connectedness and engage in their health and well-being.

A community center, open 24 hours a day, we offer personalized information, interactive groups around shared interests, local activities and volunteering opportunities, empowering members to connect under one easy-to-use roof.  

Why It's Important?

As the prevalence of loneliness and social isolation in seniors grows, the impact on our healthcare system is tens of billions of dollars annually. The impact on the emotional well-being for the senior, their friends and family is enormous.

Providing seniors with a seamless means for communication and interaction, particularly as we have witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, is paramount to safeguarding well-being.

Members in Our Community 

Create and grow connections with other members one-on-one and in groups.

Engage with our virtual personal assistant for guidance and support.

Discover personalized content, activities, and health recommendations. 

Find opportunities to make a positive impact within their community.


Discover personalized recommendations for local events, interest and support groups, volunteering, lectures, and more.


Explore a wide variety of topics of interest via articles, podcasts, videos,  and news updates. 


Make new friends, try a new hobby, join members in groups around shared interests, and mentor others.

43% of seniors are lonely

A state of mind where one feels alone or isolated. Loneliness can affect those surrounded by others but have difficulty connecting.

25% of seniors are socially isolated

An objective measure of lack of physical contact with others that can often be caused by health-related complications.

85% of seniors do not meet standard physical activity guidelines

Lack of physical activity is often an indicator of health status and often leads to other health issues including feelings of loneliness.