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Where community and purpose meet

SecureSenior Group introduces ​SecureSeniorConnections®, a first-of-a-kind digital platform designed
exclusively for seniors to improve their health and well-being by connecting them with purpose around meaningful activities and shared interests within a trusted community.

This age-friendly platform is infused
with intelligence about loneliness and
healthcare to help older adults improve their feelings of connectedness and to engage them in managing their health.

SecureSeniorConnections® is AI-driven, with a dedicated virtual assistant Olana™, who helps navigate our platform. ​
Members are sponsored by clients and validated as being eligible to participate, helping members feel safe connecting and sharing. All services are free to members.

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We believe that when daily activities include meaningful engagement with like-minded people in a safe and secure environment, loneliness and isolation diminish, and fulfillment and happiness increase, fostering the potential for a healthier, more balanced and enjoyable life. 

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Broad and deep engagement

By providing a wide array of news, practical information, activities, and opportunities to engage with members in several contexts, both online and in-person, we offer the best senior-focused content, all under one roof.  Our content is vetted and strategically picked to help seniors live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Infused with Science

It’s well accepted that a reduction in loneliness has a direct impact on healthcare costs.
From understanding a member’s loneliness level to specific recommendations, everything is designed to help members find meaningful connections and fulfillment. 

Understanding aging 

Our AI engine learns about each member and builds a baseline of their behavior to detect deviations in usage patterns. As our engine learns a member’s behavior, we make specific, age-friendly recommendations based on interests and abilities.